Download Grand Theft Auto GTA 1 Game For PC Full Version

Grand Theft Auto 1 Game Free Download

GTA 1 PC Game was the first part of this wonderful collection. A really very interesting with few features game was ransomed in 20th century and year was 1997. At that time, people have never played such product, so all of them like this and series started to become popular with the passage of days. You can download this free and full game, but not updated.

GTA 1 Game Platforms

There is a complete, but a very short list and has only four points.

  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. PlayStation
  3. Game Boy Color (GBC)
  4. MS-DOS

GTA 1 Free Game Screen Shots

Download GTA 1 Game Setup

Oh! No, what happened here? I think you know what is meant by Busted. This word is used when anyone does any task in a wrong and bad way. When Police catches when you are doing anything wrong, then you redirects to Police Station and pays money to get out of the prison. Rockstar Games have not published this, but ASC Games, BMG Interactive and Take-Two Interactive proceeded it.

Download GTA 1 For PCYou will have already played the big parts of this chapter in which there are more than 90 missions, but it is divided into only 6 stages, which more breaks into three cities. When you earn a lot of money, then a new city appears in the map. The viewing way is very bad. It only shows the view from the top instead of all sides. It should be produced for mobile or android on my opinion.

Download GTA 1 TorrentDo you know that you can play online or simply it has a multiplayer mode? Yes, you can, but it needs requirements to run that I will fully explain in a particular heading next to this. Believe me, I am not making you fool, I am providing working games rather than other sites, which only publish demo only not a real or original thing.

Grand Theft Auto 1 Game Full Version

You can see the bomb blasting here and I can say that owner should get credit for producing this brilliant thing in the time when only some countries were aware with bombs and I live in Pakistan, which became an atomic power in 1998 while this is a 1997 product. All can play it free for PC and on other devices mentioned here.

How to Install GTA 1 Game?

A 5 year child can install this because it does not include any difficult step. You just need to run the setup and click next and your installation will be completed in the few minutes.

How to Play Grand Theft Auto 1 Online?

Yeah, online mod is created that attracted more users than the normal and remember the releasing date. First of all, collect the setup and install it. Everyone could see a separate section in the game menu, go there and enjoy. Watch a video on YouTube to understand more and easy procedures.

System Requirements

Pentium 3

Ram: 128 MB

Video Card: 16 MB

Hard disk space: 400 MB

Keyboard + Mouse + Audio Card


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