Tekken 1 PC Game Free Download Full Version

Tekken 1 PC Game Free Download

Tekken 1 is a 1994 and first fighting game. A 100% working and free game is publishing by me and you will get all products of the Tekken series after this one. It does not comprise all the characters that you have observed in other games of this pack. Eight to nine players are included in this first creativity, which can be seen in the shot.

Tekken 1 Game Platforms

The systems or devices on which you can absolutely play Tekken 1 game are:

  1. Arcade
  2. PlayStation
  3. PlayStation 2
  4. PlayStation Network
  5. Microsoft Windows

Tekken 1 PC Game Screen Shots

Download Tekken 1 PC Game

This is the playing selecting section and only eight players are now available and you just need to single out. Don’t think that there are two spaces, so you require another man to run. No, you can play it singly or doubly as well. Namco company developed and published it on different dates for distinct platforms. To know about this, visit the official page of WikiPedia.

Download Tekken 1 Cool and Cheap Game

This computer or laptop game is completely free of cost, so please I request to do not pay to anyone for buying this. Your brother is sitting here, so why you need to buy Tekken 1 Game? I want to say you should not buy or pick this from the sites especially Softonic because the owner uploads apps. You can’t play it online or can say it does not have capability to play online.

Download Tekken 1 PC Game Setup

Two main players of Tekken are showing their fights. One is Yoshimitsu and other hunting player is Kazuya. You are thinking that first person is using a dangerous sword and it is against the rules because other are fighting without any weapon. Then my answer is no, it is not against the commandment, so now we should adjust. When one man/woman will play it, then first changes the settings of your choice.

Tekken 1 Highly Compressed Game Free DownloadKyoto is written in the last corner of the screen shot, it indicates the name of a specific spot. Dear all members, have you understood the gameplay? If you still have not understood, then let me know. This is an old released game, but all still like and share with their friends. Please users, don’t forget to share it with all friends on FB, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest.

Tekken 1 Not Paid Players

A list is created below to this line and all the characters are free, no need to unlock them.

  • Jack
  • Kazuya
  • Paul
  • King
  • Anna
  • Nina
  • Law
  • Yoshimitsu

Is it available for Windows 10?

Yes, it is also provided for windows 10 and even all the Microsoft windows and others. Few will be mentioned in the menu of the system requirements. Now, I am writing that, so follow me and read.

System Requirements!

Pentium 2

Ram: 128 MB

Video Card: 4 MB

Operating Systems: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8 and 10 (All bits)

Hard disk space: 20 MB

Keyboard + Mouse + Audio Card


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