WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain PC Game Free Download

WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain Game Free Download

WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain is also called as Exciting Pro Wrestling 5 in some countries like China and Japan. It is a second wrestling post, which you will like obviously when you become aware with the features of this game that I will write after this first paragraph. A 2003 installment is this that includes all old players. If you want to play with best old characters, then download it now seriously and you will find many new things inside the game.

WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain Platforms

It covers only two platforms to play and the names of them are showed here:

  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. PlayStation 1, 2, 3, 4

WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain PC Screen Shots

Download WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain Setup

Here, inside the big screen shot, two biggest wrestlers of the world are fighting, which encompasses Steve Austin and Bubba Ray Dudley. I have told you before that it has almost old personalities, not the new ones, so you can see. The roster is very big because of inclusion of 50 players, which is not a small digit into my eyes, but now in the recent wrestling games, more than 100 models are the part of roster.

Play WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain For Free

All these are members of Dudley team, which is not a very dangerous group in the WWE Universe. You must know that few men are locked in the roster, but don’t get worried because you can unlock all one-by-one by getting more points. Everyone can earn points by different sources or ways and the best example is to beat a player, then many point, you will earn. How much quickly you dominate over other characters, will increase your reputation or money.

Download WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain Games

The Rock and Hulk Hogan are now the part of this picture, both are very talented and intelligent, but one is old and other is fully young. More awesome wrestler is Hulk because he is experienced and know the quickest ways to beat others. All these WWE Games are published by THQ and developed by Yuke. They always provide all their versions for free that is real beauty.

Download WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain For Android

Cheats that are actually used to hack the match, are the part of it. Cheats & Codes are not generally the part of any installment, but some people make it. The game that is providing is not a demo and any edited or cheated version. Everything is studied and tested, so don’t agonize. Friends, only few keyboard buttons are not required to run, you need to use all your ten fingers to have control.

WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain 2003 Game Season Mode

How to Download Here Comes The Pain Computer Game

Follow the steps to continue downloading the game.

  1. After the below presented heading, you will see a text.
  2. “Link” is the text where link is hidden.
  3. Tick on that and you will move to another page.
  4. There, link will be seen easily.
  5. Download and do enjoyment.

System Requirements

CPU: Pentium 4

Ram: 512 MB

Video Card: 64 MB

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, Vista

Hard disk space: 1.6 GB

Keyboard + Mouse + Audio Card


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