Prince Of Persia POP The Sands of Time PC Game Free Download

Download POP The Sands of Time Full VersionPOP The Sands of Time is a top and best action + adventure game with a puzzle story. It was the second submission of this series usually called as POP 2. Ubisoft and Ubsifot Montreal unfolded the original game among the people on 6th of November, 2003 and made it only for a single user, no double players are enabled due to its spiel.

POP The Sands of Time Platforms

A long list is written by me, scroll down to read.

  1. PlayStation 2
  2. Game Boy Advance (GBA)
  3. Microsoft Windows
  4. Game Cube
  5. Xbox
  6. PlayStation 3
  7. Mobile

POP The Sands of Time Game Screen Shots

POP The Sands of Time PC Game Free Download

It has the best graphics from all the hack and slash games and if we see this dark screen shot, then a few options are beautifully presented. We can fully start the new game, can begin from saved part, third one is basic options (sounds, graphics, music, controls), fourth is credits section in which names of men are well mentioned who created it and last is utilized to quit.

Download Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Game The blue-colored dress wearing man is absolutely an intelligent, skillful and surely expert in all watchable scenes of the screen shot. The main role of this man is to fight with people, find hidden things and fulfill the given requirements. I utterly impress by the work of the owner of this action game who produced a lovely and desirable installment.

Download POP The Sands of Time SetupYou can notify that a single person just picking an old sword in the hand is fighting with big curious men and main fact is a holding of large hammers into the hands of his enemies. These foes do not lose their hopes or lives with a single attack, there is a need to hit them continuously until they don’t get died. This is a pure simple tactic to move for next missions.

POP The Sands of Time Free Kickass Download

Now, he has been caught by foes and they have full control on him, but he is trying to free his arms to once again fight with them. This dangerous personality is struggling to become free and when he will get clear, then everything will be toppled. I am satisfied with this character because this model can remove the burden of levels. You should be glad to know that Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Movie is also released or available by Disney. No change has occur between the movie characters and game characters.

POP The Sands of Time Online Trailer

How to Fully Install POP The Sands of Time!

Please follow theses steps to don’t have an error while installing.

  1. Get it first.
  2. Extract the .zip files.
  3. You will gain setup.
  4. Launch it, install easily.
  5. Play and enjoy completely.

System Requirements

CPU: Pentium 4

Ram: 512 MB

Video Card: 96 MB

Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10

Hard Disk Space: 3.2 GB

Keyboard + Mouse + Audio Card


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